On June 1st and 2nd, 2022, we were invited to show off one of our immersive tours at the VIR Online Innovation Days in Messe, Berlin. This year, the theme “Back to the Future” guided people through expert presentations and discussions on sustainability and new technologies in the digital travel industry. Our goal was to demonstrate how Augmented Reality is enhancing travel experiences. By going through our interactive and informative tour about the history of VIR & Messe Berlin, we introduced attendees to our ZAUBAR app.

Adding to the success of this interesting digital travel conference, a thrilling Travel Start-Up Night took place at the end of the first day (June 1st). This joint initiative of the Travel Industry Club and VIR strives to link young founders and established players in the tourism industry. Five innovative startups were presenting their new concepts for tourism in Germany to a specialist audience. In a relaxed atmosphere (but full of excitement), our co-founder and Head of Creators Anne-Sophie Panzer pitched ZAUBAR, promoting the innovative power of our AR solution for the travel industry! And guess what? We won first place!

We are so grateful for all the encouragement and advice we have received from the attendees and are delighted with all the new relations we have made during these two days!

Now, we are looking forward to taking part in the final event, where we will have the chance, together with the winners of all editions, to win the title of the “Travel Start-up 2022” at the end of the year! Make sure you don’t miss it!