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  • Product

    self-guided AR tour (indoor)

  • Client

    Babelsberg (MIZ)


Project Overview

The MIZ ZAUBAR TOUR is a self-guided Augmented Reality tour through the rooms of the Medieninnovationszentrum Babelsberg (MIZ) house.

What made this cooperation special was that the MIZ was also our first funding partner in 2019. The MIZ ZAUBAR tour is about enabling visitors of the MIZ to self-explore their rooms independently in the way of a self-guided tour.

The Experience

Visitors explore the MIZ building independently without the need for a guide.

In the beginning, they receive a tablet provided by the MIZ on which the Tour app is already installed. The visitors now walk through the rooms with the tablet and find QR markers at various places, which then are scanned with the app and start the AR experience.

Members of the MIZ team now appear in front of the visitors in Augmented Reality, talking about the individual departments of the MIZ as life-size virtual avatars. A total of ten different AR videos can be started on two floors of the building.

AR scenes are part of the tour
floors can be experienced through AR


The challenge with this project was that the individual employees for the app had to be recorded in front of a green screen, released and also prepared for the app beforehand. This was in order to achieve the effect that the employees are really standing in front of the visitor.

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