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Tagesspiegel Brandenburger Tor

Project Overview

Tagesspiegel 89/19 has been our first project at ZAUBAR in 2019 and was a cooperation between ZAUBAR and the Berlin daily newspaper Tagesspiegel for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 2019.

For this, we developed an AR app as a self-guided tour through Berlin which aimed to make the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 tangible, especially for younger generations that were born after 1989.

The Experience

With the AR app Tagesspiegel 89/19, anyone interested in history is invited to embark on an interactive journey through the history of the divided Berlin up to the fall of the Wall.

On an Augmented Reality tour across Berlin, users of the app can experience moments, places and stories of the Wall era and get a direct 1:1 comparison of how the places look today.

This is achieved by placing the individual AR elements with the app through your camera lenses, such as the Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate – exactly where the pictures once were taken.

This not only conveys history that you may already know but also makes the whole thing much more tangible as you become part of history through AR. Through an interactive map, the user is guided through Berlin and finds the most important locations.

But even those who are not in Berlin can have fun with the app and use the home mode to bring the Berlin Wall into their living room in AR or take a Mixie while standing next to Erich Honecker.

Brandenburger Tour Berliner Mauer
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A particular challenge to this project was that the app thrives on placing the individual elements exactly where the photos were once taken.

After the reunification, many places in Berlin have changed fundamentally or were demolished. In these cases, it was important to become creative in the placement of the objects and still make the history tangible on the one hand, while at the same time enabling the effect of time travel. We succeeded in this and thus also show that historical content works even, or perhaps especially, when the greatest contrasts exist between the past and the present.

(And the Germany Reporterpreis thought so, too: They nominated us for their multimedia category in 2020!)

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