Last week, the Second German Television invited ZAUBAR to teach its trainees – tomorrow’s young journalists – about the future of location-based storytelling in augmented reality. So our co-founders Stefan Marx and Anne-Sophie Panzer went to Mainz for a three-day workshop at Lärchenberg, where they discussed immersive storytelling with the editors-to-be, introduced them to our ZAUBAR platform, and then they independently researched, planned, and created their own tours in the city. The young journalists were thus able to learn valuable insights about the latest developments in storytelling tools and try them out and test them right away.
At the end of the workshop, three equally interesting and different tours were created as so-called prototypes, which can be further developed in further work and dealt with the topics “How could our city really look greener in 50 years?”, “The history of the Mainz carnival” and a puzzle and scavenger hunt tour on the ZDF visitor site.