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We can help you to create, host and monetize immersive tours on our all-in-one platform through the power of augmented reality.

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Die Befreiung

Self-guided AR tour / KZ Memorial Site Dachau, Germany

Tagesspiegel 89/19

Self-guided city tour / Berlin, Germany


self-guided AR-Tour (indoor)

Time Travel Portals

Augmented Reality at home 


SWR/Verstehen Sie Spaß?

Berlin's History of Sex

Guided Tour by Jeff Mannes, Berlin, Germany

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AR App “Die Befreiung”

Category: Digital Media

AR App “Tagesspiegel 89/19”

Reporterpreis Nomination

AR App “Tagesspiegel 89/19”

DOK.fest Nomination

How time
travel works

Zaubarfy your content

From dust to 3D in minutes. Easily import your photos or videos and let us do the magic using latest machine learning technology.

Manage your

Our Content Management System allows to build, view and share immersive location-based experiences, from wherever you are.

Take it to the streets

On guided and self-guided tours, your guests will experience the magic of traveling in time and stepping through portals. 


Every location-based experience can also be viewed at home. We came up with a wide mode of experiences to virtualize the experience of travel.

Go viral

Your guests mix themselves with the past. They take a photo or record a video and share. Plus the whole experience can be shared live on the world’s first AR live streaming platform.

Monetize it

We can be your turn-key AR monetization platform built for you. Take full control of your immersive tour business on your own terms.

Grow your community sustainably

Our success is based on community. That’s what’ll be our main focus forever.

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in time

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Create content fast

We developed a powerful pipeline to turn historical photos and videos into immersive 3D experiences easily. From dust to 3D in minutes, using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques.

Monetize easily

As an immersive tour creator and host you can decide your way of monetization and set the bar of margin. Choose from guided tour ticketing, subscription-based streaming and many more options.

Next gen Edu-tainment

We are deeply passionate about helping passionate locals to express themselves in the new medium of augmented reality. That’s why we’re constantly iterating and improving the platform’s and tours’ user experience.

Distribute to apps, web, desktop & AR glasses

Immersive tours should be as widely accessible as possible. That’s why we’re supporting different modes of experience at home and on location, always supporting the oldest and latest generation of devices.

Built-in social media strategy

Amazing content demands an audience. We came up with a variety of ways to showcase your tours and make them go viral. 

White label - customized for you

We love to create those extra special experiences. If you have a new platform or deeply immersive way of telling that story, we’ll definitely be able to make that happen. Let’s talk